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If youve never had the opportunity to feel the inside of one, its been said that one feels very similar to the inside of your lip.   what does it feel like for a woman to have a man inside of her? That is a loaded question because my first response would be to say that it feels wonderful. First, i feel pressure as the penis begins to push inside of my vagina entrance. I cant say that ive gone around sticking my tallywhacker into arbitrary objects or anything, but i kind of suspect that there is nothing other than a vagina that feels quite like a vagina. A sex toy could be nubbed or smooth, and neither would feel different.   canine vagina have a ring of of muscle in the middle, and when the head of your penis bumps it repeatedly boy does it feel amazing! As for pulsing to be honest its less of a pulse and more like they are squeezing due to movement happening, its not a timed sequence. The question, what does a vagina feel like, is what you would imagine a hormone-raged boy would ask. Being on the receiving end during sex, the experience is obviously different from their perspective.   can i make something to feel like a vagina? I have never felt one before, is there a way to make one with common house hold items. 1 cup maybe a plastic one that you can inser your penis in fully.

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